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Red Dot Award for Ergetic

Selected among 4.928 products

We are proud to announce that the innovative luminaire Ergetic was selected for the prestigious Red Dot Award. The Red Dot Design Award is known as one of the most important international competitions in the field of design. Being recognized for distinctive design among 4.928 products from all over the world is an acknowledgement to the Intra lighting’s development direction and an important achievement for the entire team.



Space transformation challenges

Future illumination answering to the changes in human needs

Spaces are changing. We are using the same space for different activities; where the focus changes depending on the time of day, people and tasks. Spaces have to become modular, flexible and convertible, based on unique requirements. We use offices for focused work, collaboration, learning and socializing. We use cinemas as a meeting space, watching new movies and spending free time. We use restaurants for breakfasts and later for romantic dinners. The experience changes, but the space stays the same.

The luminaire Ergetic was designed to answer the new needs of this transformation. With Ergetic the atmosphere can be changed in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way. Making the same space suitable for all the different activities that are taking place.



Demi LED

Office reviver

The Demi LED recessed luminaire represents a high quality lighting solution for office buildings. It provides maximum efficiency, 127 lm/W and an uniform illumination. Universal luminaire body can be installed recessed in plasterboard or modular ceilings, ensuring best matching with the space interior design. Demi LED is equipped with new SQ LED modules, available in two lumen packages. SQ LED technology guarantees almost complete freedom from maintenance for 50.000h L80/B10.

Demi LED PR version produces no-glare light in wide area without shadows, while OP version with a soft homogenous light is commonly used for general lighting applications.



Connecting school with community

Park Mains High School in Scotland

Park Mains is an innovative building, accommodating 1400 students and 136 staff. Holmes Miller architects designed it through an extensive consultation with the Education department and the School to provide a platform for the Curriculum for Excellence to flourish whilst creating a fantastic hub for the Community.

Teaching spaces are arranged across 3 levels, as well as a range of enhanced PE facilities and many break-out spaces that provide greater flexibility to students and teachers, allowing different types of learning and collaboration to happen. One of the most dramatic aspects of the design is a central atrium which is the heart of the school. The spaces are flooded with natural light, that is complemented with an homogeneous illumination that direct people through the space and create a pleasant environment for students to learn, collaborate and grow.

Architecture: Holmes Miller, Lighting design: Kelvin Lighting, Photography: Andrew Lee



More for less

Gorenje production plant in Slovenia

Gorenje is one of the eighth largest home appliance(s) manufacturers in Europe, known for its collaboration with famous designers, such as Ora-Ïto, Karim Rashid, Pininfarina and Swarowski. Their modern manufacturing facility in Velenje undertook a lighting refurbishment in order to decrease energy consumption and reach modern standards.

The solution was made in collaboration with the energy contracting company GGE. By using the energy efficient luminaire Arago and the introduction of lighting control, we managed to achieve impressive savings and a swift return on investment. Moreover, fewer luminaires were used and the installation was fast and smooth. The right quantity and quality of light improved working conditions which in turn positively impacted (the) productivity and safety at work.



Arago LED

Born to be efficient

Industries are one of the biggest consumers of energy, with lighting representing a high percentage of this consumption. Intra lighting has understood the market need for a solution that could bring this cost down to a very minimum and at the same time to offer a high quality of light, reliability, fast return of investment, quick installation, easy maintenance and a solution for different application needs within one single family range.

With the Arago LED, we upgraded all the benefits and advantages of the existing fluorescent version and reached an efficiency level of 113 lm/W together with an outstanding reliability and a permanent lighting quality throughout all of its service life. With the elimination of strobing and an excellent lateral glare control UGR < 19.3, even with the wider optics, the all new Arago LED sets a totally new standard in safety in production areas. Perfect thermal product management guarantees an efficient operation in ambient temperatures up to 45 °C, which nowadays is frequently demanded for the high bays.



Intra lighting in the EY publication

Family business in Slovenia from a fresh perspective

EY (former Ernst & Young) has just released a publication, called The Family Business, Slovenia 2014, featuring ten different Slovenian family businesses, all of them successful because of long-term and sustainable orientation. The publication exceeds all expectations by offering a fresh view on doing business in Slovenia and with Slovenian companies.

Among the ten selected companies, there is also a presentation on Intra lighting, explaining the story of the company, its people and achievements which continues to make an impact. "We are proud to be part of such a project, intriguing for its different thinking and creative presentation of Slovenian companies." explain Marino and Marjeta Furlan, owners of Intra lighting.



Pipes R

Basic advanced

Is a range of recessed COB LED spots, optimised for highlighting important and functional areas in different buildings, to accentuate goods in retail and shops, or to create a quality and permanent lighting solution for reception areas, hotel rooms and restaurants. With a profound understanding of user needs and interior diversity, we optimized all the product elements and created a modular design in order to make Pipes R highly efficient and affordable. An optimised die-cast aluminium heat sink allows for the use of high output COB LED modules, which are the primary key elements for the excellent Pipes performance. Our goal was light without compromise, through a precise optic design with a specific application in mind. Three different sizes, numerous power options, a different colour finish and trim selection, glare free accessories and flexible positioning, guarantees the unique freedom of application of the Pipes R on the market.



Future redefined

Euralis headquarters in France

Euralis, a benchmark player in agriculture and food processing, has been a pioneering company since its foundation. Today, their headquarters is a modern expression of their brand identity and represents a strong landmark at the entrance to the town. Built in 1975, the headquarters was no longer compatible with the requirements of today’s standards. LCR Architectes had a tough job to rethink the building in terms of reducing the energy consumption by half, maintaining the identity of the group, providing functionality of the space and bringing comfort to the employees.

The illumination played an important role in reaching the main goals. With an energy efficient and flexible solution, Intra lighting helped bringing to life a working environment suitable for the future needs.

Euralis headquarters, Lescar, France, Architecture: LCR Architectes, Photography: Sylvain Mille



Intra lighting recognised for Design excellence

An honourable mention at the Design Management Europe (DME) Award 2014/15 to Intra lighting.

The Design Management Europe (DME) Award is the only international award dedicated to the management of design. It recognises the on-going processes, business decisions and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively designed products, services, communications, environments and brands providing organizational success. Past winners have included Procter & Gamble, LEGO, Camper, Heineken, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Schneider Electric and many more.
Intra lighting presented its design management processes, strategies and procedures to a jury of internationally recognised Design Management experts who short-list candidates according to various categories and to choose the final category winners.



The rebirth of a major office building

a.s.r. headquarters in the Netherlands

a.s.r. is a major Dutch insurance group, undergoing a major renovation of its headquarters in Utrecht. The strategy behind the transformation was to preserve the positive features and renew what needed to be improved upon - the current building standards and regulations. New glass facades give the formerly colossal structure a more open ambience by allowing light deep into the heart of the building. Ultimately the building turned into a bright, modern and open office with plenty of pleasant interior spaces. The transformation also makes the building more energy-efficient and thus more sustainable, while the streamlined new layout will provide room for 2,800 flexible workspaces and a working environment for 4,000 employees. 
Intra lighting was entrusted to build on the design concept which wanted to concentrate the light on the work and meeting places. A pendant flat luminaire Taro was perceived as the most suitable design. In addition, the luminaires met the desired efficiency, allowed for personal adaptation of the usage and brought in the light where was needed.

a.s.r. headquarters, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Architecture: Team V Architecture, Lighting design: Deerns, Photography: Herman de Winter


Extended range of LED downlights

Simply efficient

Intra lighting's LED downlights range offers NEW extended application possibilities. We added a square shaped and ceiling mounted version together with a brand new high performance glare-free series and the kit versions - a predefined cost-effective selection.
The main features of the Nitor / Narro range are improved light quality and luminaire efficiency, reaching up to 115 lm/W. Thanks to a 6x longer service lifetime, the time consuming relamping of the CFL will become a thing of the past. An optimised passive cooling system guarantees a service lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. With lumen packages from 1200 to 3800 lm and many optional accessories, you can cover a wide range of project requirements.

Switch to green

Another benefit of the new range is the possibility to do a quick replacement of the CFL version of Nitor / Narro to the LED version with no additional ceiling work required. By switching from CFL to LED, savings of up to 75% can be achieved, with an increase in performance of up to 16%.


Light for those who create the future

Kindergarten Poljčane

The recently completed kindergarten Poljčane is a unique interpretation of a space that was meant to offer children a creative learning experience in a playful environment, always in touch with nature.
"We see the kindergarten as a small town, so we wanted to emphasise the streets and squares, which are indispensable parts of every town with a lively beat. In the kindergarten, these are areas of communication, the spaces between volumes and the connections between playgrounds. The space opens the view into nature, plays with shadows and offers surprises with events taking place around the next corner." This is how Mojca Gregorski, founder of MODULAR arhitekti, explains the life in this special town.

With the illumination concept the architects wanted to enhance the space dimensions, specially its height, yet in other situations make the luminaires less visible. Because of the Lona round shape no barriers in the space were created. The dynamics was achieved by combining different sizes. The result is an uniform, efficient illumination with inbuilt regulation for additional savings, together with the possibility of adapting the quantity of light to different activities in the space.

Architecture: Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj, Matic Lašič / MODULAR arhitekti



Shaped for unlimited spaces
The lighting effect and the luminaire design go hand in hand to create a unique space. Lona’s basic geometry allows fully flexible positioning complementing any interior and architectural style, creating a harmonious atmosphere.
Impartial elegance coupled with gentle all round lighting cleverly permeates the planned expanse. A range of clean and smooth object sizes encourages ingenuity in everyday inert and non-intrusive lighting. LED technology in combination with opal blended diffuser guarantees a particularly pleasant lighting effect, while micro-prismatic optic enhances the efficiency and limits the glare. .

Illumination revives the story

Diplom-is premises
Diplom-is, a Norwegian ice cream company wanted to create a new concept of their premises, with the amusement park feeling. The main story is about the brand figure that lived in a colourless and drab North Pole. She was missing colours, so her best friend proposed a strange solution – to drill a hole in the ice. As she did it, all the flavours came out like an explosion and gave the surrounding ice all the different flavours that she could imagine.

It was important that both, the interior and the graphics reflected that special world. The lighting concept applied an illumination that is not visible, but manages to focus the attention to the most important areas: the offer and the column, from where the story begins.

Diplom-is, Akershus, Norway / Architecture: AS Scenario / Light design: SML Lighting/ Photographer: Gatis Rozenfelds, F64


One for all
How to unite three functions in a single luminaire? Intra lighting created Ergetic, distinctively designed multifunctional LED luminaire. It is a perfect solution for different project typologies, such as office, healthcare, well-being spaces and many more.

The main advantages are three modes of functionality. The homogeneous distribution is achieved with the direct diffuse light with white LEDs, while the atmosphere is created with RGB colour changing indirect component. Moreover, for a special accent the third mode of illumination is possible, with the highly efficient LED spotlight. All in a single luminaire.

Sophistication of functionality

V Appartment
Located in the heart of Bucharest, the contemporary designed apartment is a fusion of style, functionality and sophistication. The design concept is combining clean and minimalistic look, softened by accents of rich colour and texture. With an accurate selection of materials and focus points, the architects created a space with character.

Following the pure lines and simplicity of forms the aim of illumination was to create a pleasant atmosphere, which can be easily changeable by the owners for different needs in their living space. With Kalis Line and Minus we were able to create a pure light line and to add that special atmosphere.

V Appartment, Bucharest, Romania / Architecture: Studio 1408 / Light design: Luminna

Nitor LED

Simply functional

Nitor LED main features are improved light quality and luminaire efficiency, reaching up to 115 lm/W. Thanks to 6x longer lifetime of Nitor LED, time consuming relamping of CFL is becoming a history. Optimised passive cooling system guarantees service lifetime of more than 50,000 hours at minimum 80% luminous flux. With lumen packages from 1200 to 3800 lm and many accessories options Nitor LED can cover various projects requirements.

Why switching from CFL to LED?
-  Immediate energy savings and less than 3 years payback*
-  15 years* maintenance free-  Quick replacement for Nitor LED with no additional ceiling works. Nitor LED has the same installation diameter than Nitor CFL. Furthermore all the accessories from Nitor CFL can be reused
-  Aditional energy saving in enclosed versions with glass diffusers, reaching 3x better performance of Nitor LED GL-SC vs. Nitor TC GL-SC*
* see calculations in Nitor LED product presentation